The world is changing. It’s a new era. Women are boldly embracing their sexuality and aren’t being shamed for it. They’re flaunting their bodies and speaking their truths and for that, they’re applauded. The rise of women being authentically explicit is here. More than just the social acceptance they’re receiving, they’re in their bags because of it. The music industry has always been a male-dominated place, but in this day and age, women are making an impact.

Speaking of women in their bags… From hustling to survive as a single, young mom to thriving as an exotic dancer, model and now rapper, Paris Richards is ready to use her prowess as a woman to step on some necks and leave her footprint in the rap game.

Paris has been rapping for 6 years, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that Paris felt her talent should be taken more seriously. In her life as an exotic dancer, Paris was always exposed to big industry hip-hop names. Being in the studio with icons, such as Lil Wayne, inspiration and interest began to brew. In 2014, friend and industry-mentor Joe Louis, put Paris in the studio to explore making records. Flashing back to her childhood, Paris recalls memories of mimicking her favourite artists and performing rap songs using a tv remote as a microphone. Present day, she’s in the booth. She used to think there was no room in the industry for someone like her and that she wouldn’t be worthy of success in the rap game. Oh, how that perspective has changed.

The Grenadian/Hawaiian rapstress hailing from Toronto, Canada has come a long way. Paris, birthed her son at the age of 15 and as a result, dropped out of school. At 19 years old, she became an exotic dancer in order to support herself. She eventually made a name for herself in the industry as ‘Paris Richards, the baddest stripper from Canada’, working alongside other well-known industry women like Blac Chyna and Cardi B. Seeing their evolution in itself showed Paris the opportunity that could lay ahead for her. Her life had been a tough road, but she had support from her mother and sister. Today, and always, it’s been her family and her son that inspire her to chase her dreams and work hard every single day.

For Paris, music is about the freedom of speech and being able to speak what’s on her mind. “There’s something empowering, therapeutic and relaxing about being able to do so”, she says. She’s still new, still fresh and still learning. Paris is comfortable with being a student of this craft and learning something new every single day. “There’s a lot of wisdom to be told and overall,I’m just humbled”, she confesses. Paris’ down-to-earth aura allows her to soak in everything she’s exposed to in this industryand use it for her growth.

As the height of Paris’ rap career originated as the world encountered a pandemic, performing her music live has not yet been an opportunity that’s crossed her path, but it’s definitely on her to-do list. For a woman that’s been labelled ‘the baddest Canadian stripper’, her ability to own a stage won’t be a challenge and she’s ready for that moment when it comes. She envisions big scale concerts, interviews on live television, billboards, posters and print publications. Paris Richards is a triple threat and already a brand.  Model. Exotic Dancer. Now, Rapper. There’s really no stopping her come up. Paris plans to continue releasing music, putting out visuals, dropping merch, and working with new artists, producers and creative people, with Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B being on the roster of artists she dreams of working with in the future.

But more than just fame, Paris wants her success to have impact.She hopes to be an advocate for teenage mothers and victims of sexual abuse. Paris now knows there’s a need for someone like her in the industry – a female rapper that empowers and uplifts women, who has been through a lot and can share her story through her music. “So many women can relate to my story. I just want to tell it and be heard. I’m ready to be the next Cardi B or Nicki Minaj of Toronto.” 

For Paris, this dream isn’t a fantasy – she’s determined to make it a reality and is already doing so. The words she lives by? “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”